‘Yes’  camp is the best . In the mornings , I am going  running before breakfast. ( Tom)

The camp is very exciting   this year. I like it. Those 11 days are the best days in the year. ( Adam)

We player ‘Capture the flag’game. The atmosphere was good. The best part of the camp is the tabata exercises with Filip.

‘Flag’ is a very good game. I enjoy watching ‘Yes camp news’. ( Mateusz)

‘Yes’ camp is very good way to spend time in good atmosphere. I was on this camp a year ago and I will be next year!

‘Yes’ camp is great. The atmosphere is great, the place is great, the activities and the weather. We are having lots of fun.  
Today we played a game called Capture the flag. Here are the rules of this game:
There are two groups. Every group has a flag. You play this game in the forest. The area is devided into two sides. You must find a flag of the second group and take it to your side. When you are on your enemy side you can be caught and 'get frozen'. The person from your group can save you by touching you. You win when the second flag is on your side.
We had a lot of fun and we spent lovely time in a forest.
Zofia Kania, Pola Krupiarz & Amelia Antoniuk
Today's weather was terrible - we had a heat wave
But everyone on Yes Camp is safe
Although on the sky was an exhausting sun
In Szczebrzeszyn we had a lot of fun
Then we were in Zamość - the perfect city
Our Guides were pretty
After that dinner and English School
We finished this day very nice
Because Maciek had a movie suprise
No we haven't seen sharks and bears
But we saw us during last years.

Saturatora morning was also the continuation Of our patriotic  trip. This time the guide presented the history Of the Royal castle . There were Lots  Of visitors . What was mostly striking was the historians' fight to preserve And rebuild the castle very close to the one blown up in 1944.
The Chopin museum joins music And biography Of Chopin And we spend There the test Of the afternoon . After we went to our flag in Szpitalna street close tThen we went to concert in the museum Of Warsaw uprise. The concert was great And between the patriotów songami put in the chronologiczny order we could hear the story behind them. 
Taking part in the official celebration Of the independence day was the next part Of our trip. Among the crowd we could listen to the president's speech And then observed the soldiers marching through Nowy Świat 
Theguide introduced us to the art Of 20s And 30s Of the last century
This year we decided to spend the November weekend in the capital
We arrived in Warsaw by pendolino train at 10.30. The walking tour in the National Museum was a good starting point

Today it was wonderfull day. We were making dinner on our own. The main dishes were tomato soup and dumplings. We were devided into groups whitch were responsible for diffrent parts of the meal. It was hard work, but we worth it. We were satisfied with the results and really liked the meal. It was an unforgotable experience and we hope we will repeat that someday.
My favourite days were the 19th and 18th of August. On the 19th of August, we made dumplings and it was really cool because i love cooking. On the 18th, we were in Gdańsk in the Sheakspare Theatre. We saw the musical "Kiss me kate" and I liked it because I stoode near the stage and I saw everything really well.
Pola K.

My favourite day at the camp was the 18th August. The topic pf the day was love. The lessons were very funny - we made scenes about love vocabulary. Then we went to the Sheakspeare Theatre for "Kis me Kate" musical. It was great and very exciting. My favourite character was Graham - the main hero of the story. I recommend this musical for everyone. 
Z. K.

 On the 19th August I enjoyed the cooking day a lot. I made the clough for dumplings and I had to check it was ok. We went to the beach in the afternoon. The boys jumped in the wather.
Wera G.

My favourite day during the Yes Camp was when we went to Gdańsk and we saw musical "Kiss me Kate". It was great. Before musical we went to the Amber Museum but i didn't like it because it was borring for me. My secound favourite day was when we cooked our dinner. We made soup and dumplings. It was delicious.
Hania I.


I enjoyed the lessons of cooking. It was on 19th August. We made dumplings. It was cool. We were doing it for 4 hours. I was really tired after that. Majority of the people went swim in lake but I didn't because water is too cold. I had fun.
Amelia A.
We are on our annual bike trip. This time to the airport copernicus airport in Wrocław . There are 11  bikers all together. We are like Polish football team . Dorota is the trainer , Grzegorz is the captain, Janusz is the referee, Violetta is the line referee.

ZNow we are malking Easter eggs

We have started egg hunt
We are testing new DVD and tv in Złotniki

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